CFC 2012

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Bethany Orr with Xavier Santiago
Winner of “Best Film (Jury Selection)” and “Best Film (Audience Selection)”
A young woman takes a job as a clown at a birthday party so alienating it forces her to rethink her life choices.


Sharif Matar with Andy Forrest
Winner of “Runner Up (Jury Selection)” and “Honorable Mention (Audience Selection)”.
When an office drone faced with a long night of paperwork makes multiple copies of himself, he must deal with humorous and unintended consequences.

Hansel and Gretel Strike Back

Cristina Sasso with Tarniesha Stimage
Winner of “Honorable Mention (Jury Selection)”
Now grown up, Hansel and Gretel decide to enact vengeance on the witch who tried to eat them, only to find that she just wants to apologize.

Paranormal Cattivity

Tom Lommel with Kevin Breen
Winner of “Honorable Mention (Audience Selection)”
In this horror parody, five hard-partying sock puppets find that their spring break crash pad is not all it seems when they are stalked and murdered by a cat.


Skye Von with Bethany Orr
Skye Von, winner of “Key Collaborator”
An Egyptian mother must try to keep her family together as her son joins the dangerous protests of the Arab Spring.